Off Campus San Siro

OFF CAMPUS | Construction site for suburbs, is an initiative promoted by Polisocial with the aim of strengthening the presence of Politecnico di Milano in the city of Milan and the idea of ​​a more responsible University that is open, attentive to social challenges, and near the territories and communities.

Four spaces will be open in different neighborhoods of the city: San Siro, Gallaratese, Corvetto, Nolo.

Lecturers, researchers and students will be able to develop innovative teaching activities, attentive to the development of new skills gained working in real contexts; carry out responsible research, attentive to the development of inclusive knowledge production processes; initiate co-planning with local realities to carry out interventions capable of producing a positive impact on the community.


Politecnico di Milano has been active for several years in the San Siro neighborhood, thanks to the experience of the Mapping San Siro Research and Action Laboratory which has been promoting various activities and projects for the district.

Located in via Gigante and open since April 2019, OFF CAMPUS SAN SIRO is the first space that has been activated. The activities carried out in this space are born from the collaboration between universities, inhabitants and local networks, coordinated by Mapping San Siro, WRP research group and the educational project Envisioning San Siro.

Research: the role of Living Labs in marginal contexts; housing policies and projects; educational poverty and segregation in multicultural contexts.
Education and culture: laboratories for training to territorial citizenship; Caffè San Siro; cultural events; educational seminars and workshops; curricular internships.
Co-design: reactivation of the ground floor spaces and public and common spaces; support for the skills of foreign women; promotion of a working table on future scenarios.
Neighborhood archive: collection of texts and materials, also starting from the inhabitants’ personal archives and coordination of the Sansheros Local Network, a network of local realities active in the neighborhood.
Legal desk and legality education, thanks to the collaboration with Bocconi University.

Via Gigante (opposite street number 5)
Opening times: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 05:30 pm