Polisocial Award 2021 “Recovery and Equity”

On Thursday 18 November, the evaluation committee has finally selected five research projects, admitting them to the Polisocial Award 2021 funding. The winning projects are:

  • BUDD-e
  • CoWIN
  • EQUI_06
  • RESTARTHealth
  • SOSpesa

The 8th edition of the Polisocial Award is dedicated to “Equity and Recovery”. The health emergency, which we are still dealing with, has contributed to exacerbate social imbalances and marginality in various countries.

The funded projects will act in a perspective of economic, social, and cultural recovery, promoting the development of different tools, in order to help reducing inequalities and favouring access to resources by vulnerable people and communities.

The Polisocial Award contest supports scientific research with a high social impact at the Politecnico di Milano and is financed with “5×1000 IRPEF” funds.